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Palm Research Center (PRC) is a private research company established in 2008 to implement clinical trials in the Las Vegas area. With over 10 years’ experience and over 100 protocols, our research site is dedicated to providing the highest quality service to the pharmaceutical and medical device industry as well as to the patients who volunteer to participate in our clinical trials.

PRC provides quality and experience for implementation of study protocols. PRC’s attributes high quality to having:

  • Experienced physicians who serve as the Principal Investigator and/or Sub-Investigator for all protocols. An Investigator is on site during all regular business hours to implement protocol procedures and to ensure patient safety
  • Full-time clinical research coordinators
  • Full-time clinical research assistants dedicated to timely completion of electronic data capture
  • Full-time personnel dedicated to regulatory submissions and Investigator Study File maintenance
  • Dedicated laboratory technician
  • Experienced personnel dedicated to prompt completion of contract and budget negotiation
  • Physicians and Coordinators dedicated to patient recruitment and retention
  • Research facility capable of conducting a variety of outpatient clinical trial protocols, as well as extended patient visits for up to 12 hours

The critical components that make Palm Research Center a high quality site:

  • Concern for detail
  • Dedication to Good Clinical Practice and FDA guidelines
  • Speedy recruitment and data submission
  • Understanding of obligation to Sponsors and CROs
  • Commitment to providing safe and ethical conduct of clinical trials

Palm Research Center is also sensitive and dedicated to the needs of the patients who volunteer in the clinical studies. Volunteers are provided with:

  • Adequate time to discuss the study and consent form with the Principal Investigator
  • Study related medical examinations and lab tests
  • Ability to discuss any issues with physician at each study appointment
  • Physician on call after hours if needed
  • Flexible scheduling for study visits
  • Financial compensation for time and travel to study visits

Palm Research Center is focused on patient safety while providing volunteers the opportunity to access investigational medications and study related medical assessments in a caring environment.

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